Top Stock Picks

Top Stock Picks

Michael Sprung‘s top stock picks for October 2012.

Talisman (TLM-T): Last Purchase June 28, 2012 $10.92 Owned by clients
Talisman offers compelling value. Under the direction of a new CEO, the company will focus more on operations, cash flow and free cash flow and the growing international exploration opportunities. Management is clearly incented to create better value recognition.

talisman energy TLM

Alliance Grain Traders (AGT-T): Last Purchase June 29, 2012 Price $12.68 Owned by clients and personally
Alliance Grain Traders Inc. (Alliance Grain) is a leading exporter of split and value-added lentils, peas and pulses to the global food and ingredients markets. With processing plants in Canada, the United States, Australia and Turkey the Company is well positioned to serve the growing demand for these crops.

CAE Inc. (CAE-T): Last Purchase June 18, 2012, Price $9.93, Owned by clients and personally. CAE continues to be awarded civil and military training contracts. Concerns about possible headwinds in the military have overshadowed the positive prospects in civil aviation. Healthcare, although small, is showing early signs of attracting business.

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