Top Stock Picks

Top Stock Picks

Michael Sprung‘s top stock picks for August 2012

Cenovus Energy Inc. (CVE): Owned by clients last purchase August 11 2012 $33.40
Over the next few years greater attention will be focused on the oil sands. Post the US election, more pipeline capacity will be built to carry the bitumen south. Refining margins could further expand.

CAE Inc. (CAE): Owned by clients and personally last purchase June 12. 2012 $9.93
CAE continues to be awarded civil and military training contracts. Concerns about possible headwinds in the military have overshadowed the positive prospects in civil aviation. Healthcare, although small, is showing early signs of attacting business.

Top Stock Picks - CAE simulator of a plane cockpit

Churchill Corporation (CUQ): Owned by clients- last purchase June 12, 2012 $12.25
Following a disastrous quarter the stock has been pounded. Problems have come to light with respect to cost overuns and delays in one division as well as poor results due to weather in western Canadian operations. A new CEO (Doug Haughey) has been appoint an the focus will be on improving profitability going forward. At below book value, the stock should be bought.

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