Stockchase Top Picks – Michael Sprung on BNN Market Call

Stockchase Top Picks

Sun Life Financial Inc., SLF-T, Owned personally and by clients, Last Purchase February 2016 at $37.20

Sun Life Financial operates in Canada, the US, UK and Asia. Insurance companies will benefit from a rising interest rate environment. We anticipate reasonable growth in earnings over the next few years that should result in expanding dividends. At just under $50 the stock currently yields 3.4% and represents good value in the current environment.

stockchase top picks michael sprung bnn market call

Stockchase Top Picks – Michael Sprung on BNN Market Call

Precision Drilling Corp., PD-T, Owned by clients, Last Purchase September 2015 at $5.00

Precision Drilling is Canada's leading contract drilling company with growing operations in the Middle East. During the downturn in energy prices, management has upgraded assets and improved efficiency. Earnings and cash flow will be very reactive to an improved environment. Recent signs that conditions are improving come from longer contracts and rising day rates. 

George Weston Ltd., Owned by clients, Last Purchase January 2015 at $96.88

Weston's operates fresh and frozen bakery operations in the US and Canada and food distribution through Loblaws; Canada's leading food retailer. Recent capacity additions are complete and greater volumes should lead to better margins in the bakery business. Weston's ownership of Loblaws has been creeping up  as share buybacks in the market have reduced the float, Weston has a strong balance sheet. The current dividend yield is 1.6%. From time to time. Weston has been known to pay a special dividend.


The US market has continued to rise in the first two months of 2017 as investors anticipate a better business climate under the Trump administration and the Federal Reserve has indicated more confidence in the economic recovery through yet another interest rate hike. The Canadian market has been less directional as commodity prices have fluctuated and economic activity remains comparatively weak. Low interest rates have attracted Canadian consumers to increase debt loads to levels that would be difficult to sustain in a rising interest rate environment. There is no shortage of global geopolitical concerns in the Middle East (particularly Syria), the South China Sea, Russian interventions in the Ukraine and Syria, etc. The populist culture continues to threaten the status quo and more particularly free trade and globilization.

Over the past eight years, multiples have expanded driving valuations to higher levels. We would suggest that this is a time for caution and vigilance in terms of security selection.

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