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Sprung Investment Management Difference

At Sprung, we offer direct access to investment managers who adhere to a value approach and are not swayed by market trends.

At Sprung, our focus is building and managing investment portfolios that are custom tailored to individual circumstances and long-term goals.

Our firm caters to high net worth investors who have outgrown mass market products, have tired of chasing market trends and prefer the personal attention of dealing directly with the Principals of their investment management firm.Independent and partner-owned, all research and investment decision-making is handled in-house by the Sprung team. We do not recommend or sell anything except our services – our revenue is generated solely through client fees.

Sprung Investment Management possesses three characteristics that make us unique among your other choices:

1) No layers of agents or handlers. You speak directly to the analysts and decision-makers managing your portfolio.

2) Though we are a small boutique, we provide consulting services to larger firms on Bay Street that hire us for our expertise, insight and analyses. The approach and diligence we provide to you is the same that drives the investment decisions of leading industry players.

3) We do one thing only – and we do it very well. Sprung adheres to our value investing approach and is not swayed by market trends.

As investment or portfolio managers, we manage investment portfolios on behalf of private clients, foundations and endowments. Portfolio managers differ from mass-market or retail investment managers because we typically manage larger amounts of money for a select group of clients. Portfolio managers are also known as investment counsellors,  asset manager,  investment managers or wealth managers.

The benefits of hiring Sprung Investment Management to manage your investment portfolio include:

Fiduciary Responsibility – we have a fiduciary duty to act with care, honesty and good faith, always in the best interest of their clients. Investment decisions therefore must be independent and free of bias.  This results in a higher level of trust placed on portfolio managers. Many brokers and advisors do not meet a fiduciary standard because of the conflicts of interest inherent in their business model. a fiduciary duty is also referred to as a ‘best interest’ duty.

Professional Qualifications – as fiduciaries, securities regulation requires us to obtain the highest level of education and experience in the investment industry.

Personalized Management of Your Portfolio  – we provide ongoing management of your investments based on your objectives and risk tolerance.

Investment Policy Statement – we create individual written agreement with each of our clients to establish how you will work with your portfolio manager, including ongoing communication, types of investments, reporting, fees, risks and other issues related to your own circumstances.

Registration – both firm and the individuals who manage your investments are registered and monitored by provincial securities commissions.

Legal Requirements of Firms – Sprung Investment Management is registered as portfolio managers must meet strict financial reporting, capital and insurance requirements to further protect your investments.

Management Profiles

  • Michael Sprung
    Michael Sprung, CFA, PresidentTelephone: 416-934-7160
    Michael founded Sprung Investment Management to meet the personalized needs of private clients, not-for-profit organizations, endowments, foundations and small institutions. As President, he is responsible for the firm's overall direction and investment portfolio decisions. Michael brings more than 30 years experience in the Canadian investment industry and has managed equity and balanced portfolios as large as several billion dollars. Michael can be seen as a commentator on BNN-TV and is a frequent contributor to the Canadian Financial Press.
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  • Fred Palik
    Fred Palik, CFA :: Vice PresidentTelephone: 416-607-6890
    Fred leads Sprung’s fixed income and cash management practice and contributes his experience in investment policy and asset mix strategy. Fred brings over 30 years of senior-level investment management experience within the fixed income sector and is a long-time member of the Toronto CFA Society and the CFA Institute.
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  • Joie P. Watts
    Joie P. Watts, CFA, FCSI :: Vice PresidentTelephone: 416-607-6885
    Possessing over 30 years of experience in the securities and investment industry, Joie's responsibilities include portfolio management and client relations. His previous roles include CEO of Shorcan ATS, Managing Director of Instinet Canada, Senior Vice President, Director and Co-Head of Institutional Equity Trading at Merrill Lynch Canada and Vice President, Institutional Equity and Options Trading at Nesbitt Thomson.
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  • Lois O'Sullivan
    Lois O'Sullivan, CFA :: Vice PresidentTelephone: 416-607-6697
    Lois brings more than 30 years experience in investment management with a specific focus on research and performance measurement. Her previous roles include Director of Securities Research for Confederation Life Investment Counsel and Founding Shareholder of Sprucegrove Investment Management. She is an expert in operations and is responsible for all fund administration duties and trade execution at Sprung Investment.
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  • Robert Champion
    Robert Champion, Vice-President Client ServicesTelephone: 416-607-6642
    Robert joined Sprung Investment Management in 2012 after several years with Successful Investor Wealth Management. Prior to that, he had a fifteen-year career in OEM industrial sales. Robert was a manager with the investment-publishing division of MPL Communications in the 1980s and early 1990s. MPL publishes Investor’s Digest and Investment Reporter.
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