Top Stock Picks

Top Stock Picks

Talisman Energy Inc., TLM: Owned by clients, last purchase Dec. 12, 2011 $12.19
Talisman offers compelling value. A more liquids based focus with growing international growth opportunities should lead to better appreciation for the Company’s prospects.

Manulife Financial, MFC: Owned by clients and personally, last purchase September 22, 2011 $11.20
Improved product mix and better product pricing will result in greater profitability. Manulife maintains a strong capital base. In a more benign market environment, we expect continued improvement in the reported return on equity.

Churchill Corporation, CUQ: Owned by clients, last purchase December 15, 2011 $10.44
Churchill is well placed to participate in the growing western economy in the energy and institutional/government infrastructure projects. With many of the lower margin projects nearing completion margins should improve. Although the stock is up considerably this year, it remains attractively valued.
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