Top Stock Picks

Top Stock Picks

Manulife Financial, MFC-T; last purchase June 15, 2012, owned by clients and personally Management has gone to great lengths to de-risk the balance sheet and maintain a strong capital position. The product mix has been largely realigned towards more profitable business lines. MFC is well positioned for growth in Asia.

HudBay Minerals, HBM-T, last purchase June 18, 2012, owned by clients HBM has taken measures to shore up its balance sheet and has tremendous potential for production increases over the next few years. Constancia should be on stream in 2015 but in 2013 initial production should be online at Lalor Lake and Reed.

Talisman, TLM-T, last purchase December 18, 2012, owned by clients TLM offers compelling value. Under the guidance of the new CEO, the company will focus on value creation taking nearer term projects and emphasizing cash flow improvements through their international projects.

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